Spiritual Affections and the Transformed Life

In this article we discuss our affections—that is what we love—and how our loves and affections motivate us toward certain behaviors and actions. In essence, we live toward what we love—it is the end game, the teleos or goal of our lives. We work to achieve, and this is for what we want out of … Continue reading Spiritual Affections and the Transformed Life

How Does Divine Grace Translate into a Changed Life?

Many recognize that is it God’s divine grace, His unmerited favor, that makes redemption of humanity possible through the Son, Jesus Christ. However, it must also be recognized that it is God’s divine grace working throughout the redemptive process of sanctification to transform us into the image of Christ bringing newness of life to every … Continue reading How Does Divine Grace Translate into a Changed Life?

Three Reasons Why Transformation is Important for Every Christian

There is the undeniable expectation and the express intent of God set out in the pages of Scripture that believers will be transformed into the image of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. With this transformation, believers are to be unified in spirit with the common goals of evangelism, discipleship and fellowship as they grow in the love, knowledge and grace of Christ with the expulsion of sin and growth toward spiritual maturity.

On Transformation

The overriding goal of this article is to wake us up to the reality of our neglect of spiritual growth and admonish the church to get back on track toward growing in their relationship and intimacy with God. Change will not occur until confession is made, and this is merely an effort to draw attention to the state of apathy in the church today to effect change. God desires for transformation to occur in the heart and life of every believer. Unfortunately for many, the process of transformation and growing into spiritual maturity ends short of truly realizing significant transformation.