Spiritual Affections and the Transformed Life

In this article we discuss our affections—that is what we love—and how our loves and affections motivate us toward certain behaviors and actions. In essence, we live toward what we love—it is the end game, the teleos or goal of our lives. We work to achieve, and this is for what we want out of … Continue reading Spiritual Affections and the Transformed Life

The Question of Motive

Every counselor or therapists approaches a session with a counselee with a certain set of presuppositions, a paradigm if you will, by which they understand the person. This points to the need for a model—a biblical model—by which we view behaviors, so we can help the person to gain victory over sin and emotional problems … Continue reading The Question of Motive

Challenging the Idols

Idolatry is so pervasive in our culture and the heart of people today that it is at the center of nearly every sin and spiritual problem today. Early on in the biblical counseling movement, Jay Adams identified idolatry as the cause of many of the problems Christians deal with today.1 To be sure, anyone desiring … Continue reading Challenging the Idols

The Need for More Counseling Ministries in the Church Today

Recent headlines and statistics reveal the undeniable truth that there are some Christians who struggle with serious emotional and mental problems in the church today. There is enough evidence now that shows that individuals with these problems are growing in number and need help from the church. Yet, there are very few churches in the … Continue reading The Need for More Counseling Ministries in the Church Today