Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria (328), is an important person in the history of the church and his legacy lives on to inspire and influence the church today. Having been outlawed or banished as many as five times over the course of his ministry because of his strident theological views, he defended his position regarding the deity of Christ which was eventually accepted by the church and affirmed by the Council of Constantinople (AD 381).

A Comparative Study of Desiderius Erasmus and William Tyndale

While working as a tutor, Tyndale came to the conclusion that he should be the one to bring Scripture to the English people. Photos courtesy of Christian History Magazine. Introduction Until the time of Erasmus and then later Tyndale, Bible literacy in England was void and England was a dark place. Church historian W. J. … Continue reading A Comparative Study of Desiderius Erasmus and William Tyndale

The Down Grade Controversy

Introduction In 1887 Charles Spurgeon began to publish a series of articles through his journal, The Sword and the Trowel, denouncing the rise of liberal theology and the compromise of Christian Orthodoxy, which had began to emerge in the church. Little did Spurgeon know that his words would set off a controversy that would later lead to … Continue reading The Down Grade Controversy

They Desire A Better Country

As I reflect on the meaning of Thanksgiving and its beginnings, I cannot help but think of the┬áheart of those faithful men and women who risked all for the love of God; many of them leaving their homes and families to endure hardship and death for many of them. What was their motivation and why … Continue reading They Desire A Better Country