Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria (328), is an important person in the history of the church and his legacy lives on to inspire and influence the church today. Having been outlawed or banished as many as five times over the course of his ministry because of his strident theological views, he defended his position regarding the deity of Christ which was eventually accepted by the church and affirmed by the Council of Constantinople (AD 381).

The Deception of Scientific Naturalism

Photo by Yuriy Kleymenov on Unsplash Introduction Scientific investigation, which was originally a Christian endeavor, has been turned on its head and has become an exclusively secularized enterprise based in naturalism. This has resulted in an unnatural fact/value dichotomy where seemingly theistic truth claims have been excluded from consideration as genuine knowledge. Thus giving the … Continue reading The Deception of Scientific Naturalism

New Age Christianity

The New Age movement endeavors to help individuals recognize their inner divinity, which goes by a number of names, such as God-consciousness or Higher Self. Implicit in this idea is that our capacities extend well beyond the range of our present abilities. Many Christians seem to think they can simultaneously hold to Christianity while dabbling in New Age beliefs and practices. New Age ideas are so pervasive in Western culture that they have become a very real threat to the moral basis of Western culture and society and Christians are not immune to this influence.