The Need for More Counseling Ministries in the Church Today

Recent headlines and statistics reveal the undeniable truth that there are some Christians who struggle with serious emotional and mental problems in the church today. There is enough evidence now that shows that individuals with these problems are growing in number and need help from the church. Yet, there are very few churches in the … Continue reading The Need for More Counseling Ministries in the Church Today

Three Reasons Why Transformation is Important for Every Christian

There is the undeniable expectation and the express intent of God set out in the pages of Scripture that believers will be transformed into the image of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. With this transformation, believers are to be unified in spirit with the common goals of evangelism, discipleship and fellowship as they grow in the love, knowledge and grace of Christ with the expulsion of sin and growth toward spiritual maturity.

On Transformation

The overriding goal of this article is to wake us up to the reality of our neglect of spiritual growth and admonish the church to get back on track toward growing in their relationship and intimacy with God. Change will not occur until confession is made, and this is merely an effort to draw attention to the state of apathy in the church today to effect change. God desires for transformation to occur in the heart and life of every believer. Unfortunately for many, the process of transformation and growing into spiritual maturity ends short of truly realizing significant transformation.

The Relationship Between Alienation and Mass Shootings

Alienation is somewhat of a new phenomenon that has gained the attention of psychologists and therapists alike due to its far-reaching impact into the lives of those struggling with it as well as society at large. Unfortunately, the impact of this emotional problem for the nation is just beginning to be realized as it has … Continue reading The Relationship Between Alienation and Mass Shootings

A Shifting Paradigm: The Emerging Media Culture in the Christian Church

In our current era we are in the middle of a profound paradigm shift, brought about by the emergence and now dominance of electronic forms of social communication and their supporting ideological and economic structures. What does this shifting paradigm mean, not only for the individual Christian, but for the Church corporately? How does the Church corporately respond or interact with this shifting paradigm of media culture?