In this article, I would like to talk to you about identity—who we perceive ourselves to be, who we are, and who we are becoming. As Christians, this is of foremost importance for it is at the nucleus of our being. Everything we will do in our life, the path we follow and the journey … Continue reading Identity

The Question of Motive

Every counselor or therapists approaches a session with a counselee with a certain set of presuppositions, a paradigm if you will, by which they understand the person. This points to the need for a model—a biblical model—by which we view behaviors, so we can help the person to gain victory over sin and emotional problems … Continue reading The Question of Motive

How Does Divine Grace Translate into a Changed Life?

Many recognize that is it God’s divine grace, His unmerited favor, that makes redemption of humanity possible through the Son, Jesus Christ. However, it must also be recognized that it is God’s divine grace working throughout the redemptive process of sanctification to transform us into the image of Christ bringing newness of life to every … Continue reading How Does Divine Grace Translate into a Changed Life?

The Relationship Between Alienation and Mass Shootings

Alienation is somewhat of a new phenomenon that has gained the attention of psychologists and therapists alike due to its far-reaching impact into the lives of those struggling with it as well as society at large. Unfortunately, the impact of this emotional problem for the nation is just beginning to be realized as it has … Continue reading The Relationship Between Alienation and Mass Shootings

What is your self-image?

In his book, It Doesn’t Take a Hero, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf writes, The Army, with its emphasis on rank and medals and efficiency reports, is the easiest institution in the world in which to get consumed with ambition. Some officers spend all their time currying favor and worrying about the next promotion — a … Continue reading What is your self-image?