Welcome to my website.  I hope you will find it informative and a source of encouragement to you as you pursue your relationship with God and continue to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Please feel free to follow my writings here or sign up to follow via email.  I invite you to go to our contact page and send me a note if you have any questions, need biblical counsel, or would like to schedule me to speak at your church or retreat.

The focus of the ministry God has called me to is the care of souls and biblical counseling.  From what I have experienced, one of the proficiencies necessary to assist people with their emotional and spiritual needs is that a counselor must first be a theologian.  A good biblical counselor will first be a theologian equipped to exegete and apply the Scriptures to the person’s situation and life.  This emphasis is something that you will find sets me apart from others as evidenced by the articles on my website.

Another distinctive that sets my ministry apart from others is my desire to distil information and present it to my audience in a format that helps them apply it to their lives so they may gain victory over their spiritual and emotional problems.  Most would agree, there is no shortage of “How to” books concerning spiritual and emotional issues; however, unfortunately, very few provide effective actionable steps to help one overcome their difficulties.  They simply fail to identify the underlying cause and provide a biblical resolution to the problem.  I search through hundreds of books each year in pursuit of answers for those who struggle, and then take that information and provide it here in the articles I write and publish on my website without cost to my readers.

You will discover as you read through the articles on my website that I place a heavy emphasis on discipleship and spiritual disciplines.  This is because the findings of my research and experience have revealed that discipleship and spiritual disciplines play an important part in obtaining victory over habitual sin and the flesh and help us move forward gaining victory in Christ to the glory of God.

Discipleship and Biblical Counseling are relational ministries that involve the prayerful application of God’s Word which then effects change in the heart and life.  Intentional transformation is the focus of my ministry and many of the articles I write are aimed toward achieving that goal.

May the Lord richly bless you as you continue to grow in His love & grace,

~ Tim


Tim has earned a BA in Biblical Studies and Theology from Regent University, and an M.Div. from Liberty University in Pastoral Counseling. He has been certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors “AACC” in Suicide Prevention & Counseling and Marriage Counseling. Tim is also a certified SYMBIS Marriage Assessment Facilitator.